Brute Force - Mercenary
This was a school assignment were we had to design a character to fit in a book of our own choosing and a level we had to design from that story. I chose the novel “Magician: Apprentice” from Raymond E. Feist and designed a harbor town called “Crydee” from the book.

The character I designed here is a rather dumb mercenary that prefers to answer questions with his firsts. Most of the focus lies on his upper body with massive arms and a lot of upper-body strength. His lower body is largely under-proportioned to give him more top-heavy. I never got around to animate him but I always imagined a funny walk cycle with his short legs.

The polycount of the character is not yet optimized for in-game use but here the focus lay on designing, modeling and texturing.

Tools used: Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop.